Links to international news --- 20 July 2012

Crops suffer as drought intensifies in U.S. breadbasket
Syrian rebels seize Turkey, Iraq border posts
UK Home Office staff to strike on eve of Olympic games
Tutu calls for end to gay stigma to help tackle HIV
Spelling error in torchbearer's Olympic tattoo
US military allowed to wear uniforms at gay pride march
Microsoft makes its first ever loss
Huge spam botnet Grum is taken out by security researchers
Google reports sales and profits jump
Yahoo's new boss Marissa Mayer could see pay top $70m
CEO gives part of his bonus to employees
Former hospital worker accused of transmitting hepatitis C
Google's Nexus 7 tablet ships this week
Facebook, Wal-Mart chiefs meet to "deepen" relationship
Banks in Libor probe consider group settlement-sources

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 20 July

President Banda challenged on accountability, ‘declare assets’
Malawians to pay respect to July 20 victims
Mixed messages in the clerk of parliament saga
Malawi Police chief touts shoot-to-disable policy
Malawi's economy still on sick bed
Malawi starts issuing birth certificates
Youths march for implementation of Section 65
MSCE invigilators cry over chopped allowances
Malawi mother wants world to be speaking out on sexual violence in Malawi
Nanzikambe launches arts cafè
Members of the Muslim community start the month of Ramadan
Mikaya challenges Mbalaka for PP regional chairman post

Links to international news --- 19 July 2012

Prophet Angel’s new Bentley divides church
US food aid programme criticised as 'corporate welfare' for grain giants
US drought wilts crops as officials pray for rain
US sees Assad 'losing control'
Deadly bomb blast hits bus with Israelis in Bulgaria
Tanzania rescue bid as ferry sinks off Zanzibar
Iceberg breaks off from Greenland's Petermann Glacier
US military sued over al-Awlaki Yemen drone death
Olympics: Pickpockets show off 'one-second theft'
Polypill could prevent thousands of hearts attacks and strokes
Texas debuts one-drug execution
Apple ordered to run Samsung 'did not copy iPad' adverts
Some student pilots in U.S. illegally
Dropbox investigating possible security breach
If Marissa Mayer can 'have it all,' can you?
Mexico presidential runner-up alleges money laundering in election
Fear stalks Mali’s refugees despite escape to safety
Economic fears hurting Obama, poll indicates

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 19 July

It's an insult to say I've not achieved something within the 100 days, says JB 
PP government pledges accountability
World Bank's $150 million to help stabilise economy/
China will give $20 billion worth of loans to Africa in the next 3 years
Medical scheme for the more vulnerable
Police assures Malawians of security, launches crackdown on criminals
Bunda College shut down as police tear gas students
Concerned citizens want to meet the President about Lake Malawi oil drilling
PP hold regional election in readiness for a national convention
JB has four personal press assistants
Maneb still undecided on what to do about leaked exams
Involve youths in climate change fight
Chiefs hail the president for reviving the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakala road
Zimbabwe loan to be fully repaid by November
Shortage of Carlsberg beer hits Central Region
Vatican and North Korea envoys present their credentials
Civil rights activists calls for the implementation of the Access to Information Bill
Malawians accuse Minibus Owners Association of Malawi accused of failing to deliver
Malawi newspaper giant Times Group losing key staff

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 18 July

DPP chief hatchet man released on bail
Bunda College students threaten to destroy Principal's house if he isn't removed

Links to international news --- 18 July 2012

Links to international news --- 17 July 2012

Hundreds of women have their wombs removed unnecessarily
Lagos Makoko slums knocked down in Nigeria
Ethiopia's Meles misses AU meetings due to illness
Mau Mau case: UK government accepts abuse took place
Syria conflict: Central Damascus hit by clashes
Thailand customs seizes $700,000 in ivory from Kenya
Microsoft gives Office a 2013 touch-up
HSBC executives to apologise at US Senate hearing
45-Minute Bus Trip Turns Into a Four-Hour Fiasco
US drug authority approves HIV-prevention drug Truvada
Yahoo's third chief in one year poached from rival Google
The agony of feeling no pain due to congenital analgesia
Sightseeing when you can't see
Deep Purple's Jon Lord dies at 71
US Senate report: HSBC 'allowed drug money laundering'
Needles found in sandwiches, Delta says; FBI to investigate
The battle for Damascus is coming, warns defector
Coast Guard closes Detroit's Ambassador Bridge after threat
Facebook video leads to teens' murder arrests

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 17 July 2012

UK's assessment of Malawi before Bingu's death
OPINION: Madam President, don't lead thyself into temptation by not declaring your assets
Malawi gets $110 million in agriculture and health support
Can subsidies last?
Police want DPP Cadet Chief committed to prison ASAP
Cops and others arrested in MSCE exams leaks
Mulanje Porters' Race is a Sweet Sixteen
UK gives Malawi ₤25 million additional
65 year old arrested for selling medical drugs without license/
Vaccine Centre Acquires New Plant
Women and Children Victims of Divorce-Law Commission of Malawi
JB attacked over 100 day’s celebrations, govt says no use of public purse
Zambia, Finland envoys present credentials to President Banda
Court lifts MHC boss Mondiwa’s suspension
NGO’s stocktaking Malawi President Joyce Banda’s first 100 days in office
Malawi nominated in best African tourism board category: 2012 Safari awardsNPL raises K11.6m for charity fun run, contribution to health sector
DPP decries the arrest of its Youth Director
JB's 100 days a mixed bag
PP dies blowing K104 million on 100 Days celebrations
DPP created electoral mess, says Phoya
Police arrest DPP ‘panga wielding’ youth leader
Chasowa’s killers arrested, DPP’s Masangwi implicated
Malawi Human Rights Commission prominent lawyer resigns in protest
Tembo says questions to be directed to former DPP regime
Sulaimana's accomplish in Electoral Commission fraud case goes missing
Cotton Growers Worried Over Low Prices
Peter Mutharika says he won't attack personalities
The Muckraker puts JB's 100 days in office under scrutiny

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 16 July 2012

Links to international news --- 16 July 2012

Syria unrest: Second day of fierce Damascus clashes
Egypt's ex-President Mubarak ordered back to prison
Aspirin a 'no brainer' against cancer after screening
£9bn railway investment announced by coalition
TV habits 'can predict kids' waist size and fitness'
Policy and the Personal
Global recovery still under threat, says IMF outlook
A woman heads the AU at last as Nkosana Dlamini-Zuma replaces Ping
North Korea military head Ri Yong-ho 'relieved of post'
Veterans of 1950s Mau Mau uprising in Kenya seek UK damages
Rwanda and DRC 'agree on international border force'
Tomatoes, shoes, shouts of 'Monica' hurled at Clinton
Report: Heavy fighting in capital


The politics of insults

Instead of Malawian political leaders competing in the policy arena, they strive for dishonors in the cesspits of insults.

The ruling PP led by example at its Ndirande rally by hurling insults at DPP's leader, poking fun at how he speaks and what not. Not to be outdone in their own territory, DPP clad in 100% Bingu t-shirts sung insults and threats of violence aimed at the President.


When will parties learn that there should be no place for the Kachimbwindas and Kamphulusas in politics? When will they understand that it turns off neutral voters. When will they learn that as long as they indulge in gutter politics, Malawi will forever remain a divided country; divided by tribe, region and politics.

Leaders have to tell their followers that insults and intimidation have to stop and stop now.

Or else I'll wish that their pubic areas be afflicted by fleas of a thousand camels and their arms be too short to reach and scratch.

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 15 July 2012

Professor Mutharika speaks out on alleged coup 
Peter Mutharika denies coup plot
Mia apologises to President Banda for ‘bad dream’
ACB boss snubbed to President
Police 4th suspect in Lake Malawi tragedy case
Get circumcised, men urged
Featured » National VP meets Malawians in Ethiopia
Quest for first-class political leadership for a better Malawi
Malawi Catholic priests urged to be true shepherds
Bunda college students petition President Banda over degrees’ issuance authority row
Civil Society to hold July protests commemoration
Atupele Muluzi in PP to gain experience
Teachers bemoan poor salaries and lack of promotion
Who wants to kill Africa's tobacco business?
Mzimba’s health centre goes 3 years without water
No probe on Zomba prison saga
JB's opportunity to set standards
Govt should be cautious when firing top officers

Links to international news --- 15 July 2012

Iraq war will haunt west, says Briton who advised US military
France's National Front to sue Madonna over Le Pen swastika
US man reunited with lhis Austin-Healey 42 years after it was stolen
Wikipedia: Meet the men and women who write the articles
Jennifer Lopez joins American Idol exodus
Mussolini's bunker: Il Duce's futile search for safety
Syria: Tremseh killings targeted rebels, UN says
Sudan president Bashir meets South Sudan's leader Kiir
Mexico gang attacks Christian youth camp
Springsteen and McCartney silenced at long London gig
Hillary Clinton urges full civilian rule in Egypt
Lagos air crash: 'Engine failure caused Nigeria accident'
The tactics behind DR Congo's mutiny
Alexander the not so Great: History through Persian eyes
Queen of Soul expresses interest in joining 'American Idol'
For poor children, trying hard is not enough
Qatar Airways is again world's best airline

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 14 July 2012

The president is accused of derailing ACB operations
Unwanted ACB boss contradicts himself
Britain to continue assisting Malawi in family planning
Blantyre to prep Lilly Alfonso for Africa Fashion Week London
Declare your assets, JB urged
Kaposi Sarcoma is the most common among Malawian men
Plunder of a natural forest in Machinga
Malawi didn’t withdraw from hosting AU summit—Foreign Minister
JB advises vendors to return to designated markets
MESN organizes conference on tripartite elections
Bunda college students petition President Banda over degrees’ issuance authority row
Visiting Chief Yohannes admits impact of $350m energy grant to Malawi will take years to materialize
Mistrust stops policy makers from solving problems
Manganya shoots Kale, Kamuzu's retro

Links to international news --- 14 July 2012

Clinton meets with Egypt's new president
Better get used to extreme weather
Saudi religious police accused over fatal accident
Japan floods: 250,000 people ordered to leave homes

Oscar-winning producer Richard Zanuck of 'Driving Miss Daisy' dead at 77
Son of Sylvester Stallone, Sage, found dead at 36
Could a hotel on the moon become reality?

A Kentucky man's final wish goes viral, raises thousands for 'awesome tip'
A race for life: Double lung transplant woman sails Atlantic
Afghanistan suicide bomber kills MP at daughter's wedding

Nigeria suicide bomber targets Maiduguri mosque
First Miami-Cuba cargo ship in 50 years reaches Havana
What divorced readers did with their wedding rings
Mitt Romney hits back on Bain questions
Visa and Mastercard make $7.25bn fees dispute settlement
What divorced readers did with their wedding rings
Indie shopping in Dubai
Drought stretches across America, threatens crops
Banks face billions more in Libor losses
Electric car concept drives progress with extended 500-mile range
Has the 3-D hype bubble finally burst?
Alcohol packaging should carry graphic health warnings, urge doctors

Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 13 July 2012

Alleged abuse of office rampant at Parliamentoption
President advised to defend constitution
PP supporters kick out and replace water kiosk operators in Ndirande
MCC cautions Malawi on economic reforms

Twenty to testify in Chasowa's case
Poor sanitation at Area 25's Msungwi market
Zomba prison officers still mum on what happened the night of the fracas
DPP president attacked at his Nyambadwe house?
Peter Mutharika fakes assassination attempt to gain sympathy?
According to 'Malawi Voice', Malawi as a country faces liquidation
Nyakwawa Usiwaswa of the scary sentence infamy promoted to Deputy High Court Registrar
Four cops in court to answer charges of theft
Some areas of Lilongwe probably hit by Carlsberg drought
Malawi prison officers fatally shot some prisoners at Zomba prisonContraceptive prevalence rate to go up to 60%
President Joyce Banda launches 'Feed the Future Project'
Hearing on Chasowa Inquest Adjourned to August 29
It's our time, say PP supporters 
Sulaimana's Electoral Commission case in limboHuman rights defenders urged to be vigilant

Links to international news --- 13 July 2012

FBI probes ZTE trade deals with Iran

Breast cancer surgery women 'risk more operations'

South Africa train crashes into farm truck, killing 19

The woman who took on Zimbabwe's security men and won

Torrential rains kill at least 19 people in southern Japan

Runner-up in Mexico's presidential election filing legal challenge

One chimp shot, another tranquilized in Las Vegas

New York-Spain flight grounded for suspicious wires

A new hotel every two days -- Chinese chain bids to be world's biggest

Iranian dad arrested for son's Facebook posts

UN helicopter gunship fires on M23 rebels in eastern Congo

Fake 'Likes' of no value to companies

Sophisticated tunnels discovered on the US-Mexico border

China economic growth slows to 7.6% in second quarter

Ralph Lauren US Olympic team uniform made in China

Peugeot Citroen plans 8,000 job cuts

Obama campaign hits Romney hard on questions over Bain Capital tenure

Police hurt as riots follow Orange Order parade in Belfast

At least 200 killed in Syria'sHama province massacre 

Zakumudzi - News updates about Malawi

International News Updates for the News Buff

Kenyan aid workers seized in Somalia

Up to 400,000 Yahoo passwords may have been compromised

French Alps avalanche: Nine killed near Chamonix

Alzheimer's 'early signs timeline developed'

Nigerians burnt in fuel tanker explosion in Rivers State

Google to pay $22.5 million fine for Safari privacy evasion

Former FIFA chief took bribes

Brazil senator expelled over corruption

Syrian diplomat ditches government

Former Bin Laden cook released from Guantanamo

New Egyptian presidents now wants talks

BBC website goes offline

Words English borrowed from India

Angry Birds maker Rovio launches new Amazing Alex franchise

Stress pushes people to drink

Loneliness is not healthy

BBC leaves Bush House:

Sit less to add years to your life

Portuguese medical staff go on strike

Mother abandons disabled child at a bar

Too many maternal deaths in the world

You want to acclimatised yourself for hell? Live here

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