Links to international news --- 13 July 2012

FBI probes ZTE trade deals with Iran

Breast cancer surgery women 'risk more operations'

South Africa train crashes into farm truck, killing 19

The woman who took on Zimbabwe's security men and won

Torrential rains kill at least 19 people in southern Japan

Runner-up in Mexico's presidential election filing legal challenge

One chimp shot, another tranquilized in Las Vegas

New York-Spain flight grounded for suspicious wires

A new hotel every two days -- Chinese chain bids to be world's biggest

Iranian dad arrested for son's Facebook posts

UN helicopter gunship fires on M23 rebels in eastern Congo

Fake 'Likes' of no value to companies

Sophisticated tunnels discovered on the US-Mexico border

China economic growth slows to 7.6% in second quarter

Ralph Lauren US Olympic team uniform made in China

Peugeot Citroen plans 8,000 job cuts

Obama campaign hits Romney hard on questions over Bain Capital tenure

Police hurt as riots follow Orange Order parade in Belfast

At least 200 killed in Syria'sHama province massacre 

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