The politics of insults

Instead of Malawian political leaders competing in the policy arena, they strive for dishonors in the cesspits of insults.

The ruling PP led by example at its Ndirande rally by hurling insults at DPP's leader, poking fun at how he speaks and what not. Not to be outdone in their own territory, DPP clad in 100% Bingu t-shirts sung insults and threats of violence aimed at the President.


When will parties learn that there should be no place for the Kachimbwindas and Kamphulusas in politics? When will they understand that it turns off neutral voters. When will they learn that as long as they indulge in gutter politics, Malawi will forever remain a divided country; divided by tribe, region and politics.

Leaders have to tell their followers that insults and intimidation have to stop and stop now.

Or else I'll wish that their pubic areas be afflicted by fleas of a thousand camels and their arms be too short to reach and scratch.

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