Zakumudzi - Links to news about Malawi --- 19 July

It's an insult to say I've not achieved something within the 100 days, says JB 
PP government pledges accountability
World Bank's $150 million to help stabilise economy/
China will give $20 billion worth of loans to Africa in the next 3 years
Medical scheme for the more vulnerable
Police assures Malawians of security, launches crackdown on criminals
Bunda College shut down as police tear gas students
Concerned citizens want to meet the President about Lake Malawi oil drilling
PP hold regional election in readiness for a national convention
JB has four personal press assistants
Maneb still undecided on what to do about leaked exams
Involve youths in climate change fight
Chiefs hail the president for reviving the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakala road
Zimbabwe loan to be fully repaid by November
Shortage of Carlsberg beer hits Central Region
Vatican and North Korea envoys present their credentials
Civil rights activists calls for the implementation of the Access to Information Bill
Malawians accuse Minibus Owners Association of Malawi accused of failing to deliver
Malawi newspaper giant Times Group losing key staff

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