A perfume called ...

Was ours what they call a whirlwind romance? One minute we were enveloped by overwhelming feelings, the next it was history.

I knew it was too good to last. [Sigh]

All this floated through my mind as I sat in a minibus. Images of our time together played on and on. I wondered how my salary and me broke up almost immediately after meeting when what we had had seemed so hot, so forever. Still in a state of shock, I couldn't see how I would manage in its absence for the rest of the month.


Then a vendor startled me out of my reverie by tapping on my window. Seeing he had my attention, he held up a package of men's fragrance and started extolling its virtues. But I wasn't really listening. My attention was glued to the name emblazoned on the package.

'BOOS' it read.

And he genuinely expected me to buy it? Who wanted to be booed because I had bought BOOS instead of BOSS?

In any case, hadn't he heard that my salary and I were on separation?