Links to international news --- 14 July 2012

Clinton meets with Egypt's new president
Better get used to extreme weather
Saudi religious police accused over fatal accident
Japan floods: 250,000 people ordered to leave homes

Oscar-winning producer Richard Zanuck of 'Driving Miss Daisy' dead at 77
Son of Sylvester Stallone, Sage, found dead at 36
Could a hotel on the moon become reality?

A Kentucky man's final wish goes viral, raises thousands for 'awesome tip'
A race for life: Double lung transplant woman sails Atlantic
Afghanistan suicide bomber kills MP at daughter's wedding

Nigeria suicide bomber targets Maiduguri mosque
First Miami-Cuba cargo ship in 50 years reaches Havana
What divorced readers did with their wedding rings
Mitt Romney hits back on Bain questions
Visa and Mastercard make $7.25bn fees dispute settlement
What divorced readers did with their wedding rings
Indie shopping in Dubai
Drought stretches across America, threatens crops
Banks face billions more in Libor losses
Electric car concept drives progress with extended 500-mile range
Has the 3-D hype bubble finally burst?
Alcohol packaging should carry graphic health warnings, urge doctors

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