When a friend request spooks an open minded person

I normally don't fuss over who I accept as friends on social networks. I believe everyone can, in their own way, contribute to my life's journey. But the request I got this morning has made me to rethink my open door policy.

I think I may have to make an exception and ignore the hand of Facebook friendship that has been proffered. My uneasiness with the request is that the profile picture accompanying it is of a totally naked man.

I'm not the narcissistic type who enjoys sitting in front of a mirror admiring himself, after all, truth be told, there aren't that many inches to write home about. So why would I waste time looking at another man's body? Or rather, why should I be forced to be looking at another man's body every time he comments on my status or posts something on my timeline?

No, I'm not squirmish about nakedness. In fact, in my writings I don't 'asterixicise' body parts and such like. I spell them in full because that's the way the reader reads them anyway. Readers don't read 'f**k' as "f ... asterisk ... asterisk ... f" or
"f ... star ... star ... f." They read 'fuck' as "fuck".

Like the majority of men, I'm not averse to looking at photos of nakedness. And when confronted with live nakedness, even if it's only a hint, I ogle and even drool.

However, my enjoyment of such photos and live viewings are limited to the female of the species, thank you.