Malawians politicians are all cut from the same cloth

Lucius Banda composed Ali ndi Njira Zawo

BENJA: What's that song by Soldier Lucius Banda about these people being all the same?

DANISO: Which people now? Minibus drivers?

BENJA: Of course minibus drivers are all the same. But I'm talking about politicians.

DANISO: Oh, I remember now. You mean 'Ali Ndi Njira Zawo'? I love that song. So relevant to our own political setup.

BENJA: Yes, that's the song. All Malawian politicians are really from the same gene pool. They are greedy conniving egoistic kleptocratic plunderers of public resources, with absolutely no vision for our country.

DANISO: You're right. Their vision doesn't extend beyond their feet. But they've a very good sense of smell though.

BENJA: You're kidding, right? Strong sense of smell when they've to mix with so many unwashed bodies during campaign rallies?

: Not that kind of sense of smell. Our politicians have good noses for homing in on corrupt deals ... not to prevent them, mind you, but to join the plunder.

BENJA: Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Malawian politicians are the same regardless of which parties they belong to. Look at how they abuse MBC, our so called public broadcaster.

DANISO: I don't even listen to it, let alone watch it.

BENJA: Considering that you've neither a radio nor a TV, I'm not surprised ... Hehehehe ... Anyway, each party in power would rather MBC remains on the shortest of leashes.

DANISO: To be unleashed at their whim as a propaganda tool..

BENJA: Very useful during campaign periods. That's why even though the opposition has the numbers in the current parliament to push through private members' bills, none will be introduced that would permanently reform MBC to keep it out of the stifling clutches of future ruling parties.

DANISO: Because they would also like to be abusing it in the same way should they get into power in future elections?

BENJA: Exactly.