Do Malawian banks really know their customers?

BENJA: Malawian banks!

DANISO: What about them?

BENJA: I've a feeling they don't think at all.

DANISO: Well, I sure hope so. They're inanimate objects so I would be scared were they to start thinking.

BENJA: Smartass! But you know what I mean.

DANISO: Maybe but an illustration would help clarify matters, don't you think?

BENJA: Fine. Imagine you're an ordinary customer at Malawi's biggest bank.

DANISO: By an ordinary customer I suppose you mean someone like me, someone who visits the bank only once in a month to do a full withdrawal of the salary.

BENJA: Not really, but I agree for a good number of people a bank is just a pay center. Anyway, even though you're a customer at branch X of Malawi's at one of Malawi's banks, you can walk to any of its ATMs in the country, or even a rival's, and be able to cash up to a certain daily maximum. No questions asked.

DANISO: True, but I don't yet see your point. Anyway, go on.

BENJA: If on the other hand you were to present your cheque at any other branch besides the one that hosts your account, it would be sent to the back, no matter how small the amount, to be authorised by someone with a weightier signature than a teller's.

DANISO: It doesn't make sense, does it? In fact, I've been a victim of this on a number of occasions whenever my ATM card and I have been on separation.

BENJA: You would think that with all the information they currently collect from their clients, including photos, they would do away with such formalities. After all, it's the owner of the account presenting the cheque.

DANISO: By the way, after punching in your credentials on the computer, the teller normally asks, "Are you the owner of the account?"

BENJA: Yet the photo of you is right there on the computer.