Daniso unreachable

BENJA: JFK, have you seen Daniso today.

JFK: No, not today. Maybe he has a visitor.

BENJA: Aah, you mean a VI-SI-TOR?

JFK: Yes, a VI-SI-TOR. 

BENJA: Not a bad idea considering how chilly Blantyre is today.

JFK: I just hope he doesn't require a herbal push.

BENJA: A herbal push! Daniso? He doesn't strike me as someone who would willfully take mugfuls of anything without a prescription.

JFK: You never know. You see, men your age bother their women almost on a daily basis.  Their women even run out of headache themed excuses.

BENJA: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! No way!

JFK: Oh yes! Women even end up going to nights of prayer just to get away from their demanding husbands. Some even cut a finger or two to produce some blood to use in faking an out-of-sync that time of the month.

BENJA: Don't tell me.

JFK: Uhmm. Anyway, women get tired. But as the years go by, it's the women who do the bothering, and it's us the men who've to come up with excuses. Not on a daily basis, thankfully.

BENJA: You can't be serious?

JFK: Young man, I'm dead serious. Say a man fulfilled his duties on a Friday ... in the wee hours of the morning because he would be applying for a Fathers' Day visa later in the day ... and on a Wednesday night the wife wants an encore ...

BENJA: She would be within her rights, no?

JFK: Sure, but the man would probably be still at half mast. Not yet completely recovered from the Friday morning travails. "Mai, bwanji kodi? he would probably protest, "Sitapanga dzanadzana lomweli."
BENJA: A man trying to wiggle out of his conjugal duties on a Wednesday just because he'd done it on a Friday? Unbelievable!

JFK: That's the reality of life, young man.

BENJA: Then a herbal push would really be the answer, no? Or the blue pill, if one can afford it.

JFK: But not without a prescription, young man. Haven't you ever heard of men orgasming themselves to death?

BENJA: Not a bad way to meet one's maker, if you ask me.