Benja and Daniso take pot shots at Chimunthu's challege

Chimunthu throws down the gauntlet
BENJA: Why is it anathema in DPP for someone to challenge Peter Mutharika to be the party's 2014 torch bearer? Why should all sorts of conspiracy theories be postulated just because someone has dared to throw his hat in the ring?

DANISO: I'm surprised you're surprised. You should know that the 'D' in their name is just there for cosmetic purposes. Scratch beneath the makeup, and you'll find the real Kaliati, ... er, I mean the real DPP.

BENJA: [Laughter]. Kaliati, eh! I'm sure it was your talk of makeup that got you lost in Akweni's image in all her made up glory.

DANISO: I think so. But the truth is DPP is democratic in exactly the same way as the Democratic Republic of North Korea.

BENJA: So maybe they should just drop the 'D' and be known simply as Progressive Party.

: Progressive! There's nothing progressive in DPP's bone. Each day that passes they're reverting more and more to form. Already we've seen the violence that used to be synonymous with party rear its ugly head again.

BENJA: Just as well considering that there's party that's already known as PP.

DANISO: Maybe they can change to TPIEITP instead?

BENJA: Now that's a mouthful. But what would it stand for?

DANISO: This Party Is Entrenched In The Past.

BENJA: Hey! There's no way they would accept that name. Anyway, talking of challenges, why is Chimunthu pursuing this thankless task? DPP's 2014 candidacy is firmly in Peter's hands. Anyone who thinks he can wrest it away from him is either deluded or high on weed.

DANISO: Well, there's lots of weed where he comes from, no? But in my opinion I think he's just a masochist out to enjoy the pain of experiencing a waste of his time and resources.

BENJA: You think there are virgins out there for people who commit political suicide?

DANISO: I've never been a politician so I wouldn't know.