Any lessons from the Kenyan elections?

BENJA: Daniso, you seem pensive. What's eating you?

DANISO: Some thoughts don't easily lend themselves to conversation, young man.

BENJA: You could've fooled me. I thought if at all there's a man who's capable of verbalising his thoughts, uncensored, that man is you.

DANISO: Sometimes my thoughts are too entangled even for me to unravel.

BENJA: That will be the day. Anyway, what do you think of the Kenyan electoral process right up to the Supreme Court's decision?

DANISO: Uhmm ... let's see now. The electronic registration, voting and transmission of results were a total debacle. Whoever was responsible should've had his ass fried. But in the final analysis, despite a few other minor wrinkles, the result they got is what they would've got even in a glitch free election.

BENJA: I'm of the same opinion.

DANISO: I was also very impressed by two women, bowled over in fact.

BENJA: Really and who are those two?

DANISO: I thought Martha Karua was the best candidate in the first debate, I didn't watch the second one. She was very articulate. But elections are about money and she didn't have lots of that, apparently.

BENJA: You rated her that highly?

DANISO: If I were Kenyan I would've voted for her.

: Who's the other one? The Registrar of the Supreme Court?

DANISO: I must say she sounded very professional, but no. It's Daina Kethi Kilonzo, the youngest and only woman counsel. She was quite a revelation. In fact she's become quite a sensation even on Twitter.

BENJA: Aren't you holding back something?

DANISO: I'll be the first to admit that her brilliant brain is fronted by an exquisitely sculpted face and her body packaged in such a way that makes even this old man's loins stir. Yes, she's beautiful and very sexy.

BENJA: I knew it. I knew it.

DANISO: But it's her brains that awed me more. You know I'm a sucker for brilliant minds. After all, it's really a woman's mind that a man is in a relationship with, not the body however well packaged.

BENJA: I'm not so sure about that but I'll let it pass. Now, if you were to draw only one lesson from the process, what would it be?

DANISO: That's a hard ask considering that there are a number of things I would wish replicated here in Malawi ... the debates, for example. They were very well organised. But I suppose the main lesson is that if there are any disputes, any resultant court processes should be dispensed with first before a president elect is sworn in.

BENJA: I also liked that part. But then it's in their new constitution.

DANISO: I know. Anyway, enough about the elections. What's the name of that KTN presenter who was at the Supreme Court, do you remember? The woman? She was excellent.

BENJA. The one with a wedding ring?

DANISO: She's married? Damn!

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