Spying on Malawians

For people who earn their bread spying on fellow Malawians, these are very interesting times. For starters their job has become a lot easier because almost everyone, including those who claim to be apolitical, now speak against Bingu's tyle of governance.

People no longer care who is listening. They speak at market places, at weddings, at funerals, at village wells, in the churches, in bars, on public buses and on social fora. Yes, everywhere these spies go they are bound to hear anti-Bingu sentiments.

I know that such a suffeit of information in a way complicates their work. Who do they report about to their superiors when the majority of the population is 'guilty'? Does Malawi have enough prison space to accommodate all its seditious residents?

Maybe what they should be doing instead is to be reporting the positives that are said about the president. All they need to be doing on a daily basis is be sitting in front of a TV tuned to MBC. That's a never failing source of positves.

Otherwise, their reports would be empty day after day.

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