Mr President, it's time you took off your rose-tinted glasses

Everyday I go to bed and wake up still failing to understand how you, Mr President, think that the changes you've brought in your second term have benefited the common Malawian.

Perhaps you need to take it easy on the nightcaps. Maybe then you can start having the same questions I have, Mr President:

  1. Who benefits from having the police search people without warrants?
  2. Who benefits when lecturers start getting suspicious of their students?
  3. Who benefits when a newspaper can be closed at the whim of a minister?
  4. Who benefits from the Injuctions bill?
  5. Who benefits when your brother, who's just another minister, has a motorcade---sirens and all---assigned to him?
  6. Who's benefiting when government contracts are awarded almost exclusively to Morta Engil and Mulli Brothers?
  7. Who benefits when the tax payer gets squeezed to cough out immoral benefits to the First Lady for a position that is merely ceremonial?
  8. Who benefits from elevating your tribe over all others and allocating all the plum jobs in government and statutory corporations to that tribe?
  9. Who benefits when our main donor's ambassador is sent packing for pointing out the same wrongs that we have been pointing out for months?
  10. Who benefits when Malawians have to put more into government coffers yet no cuts have been made to the size of cabinet and the number of vehicles allocated to each one?
  11. Who benefits from having a minister like Dausi who doesn't even have terms of reference?
  12. Who has benefitted from the flag change when, if we're to be honest with ourselves, we're worse off than we were before the change?
  13. Who benefits from having a public park donated to a your tribal association?
  14. Who benefits from the prosecution of the former Vice President?
  15. Who benefits from the daily harrrassment of the current Vice President?
  16. Who benefits when a contractor builds you mansion?
  17. Who benefits from your arrogance; your mega ego; your stubborness and inability to listen to constructive criticism; your total disregard of well-intetioned advice?

These questions keep playing in my mind, Mr President, like a broken record, over and over. I'm sure the majority of my fellow Malawians have the same questions. Hence their wish to march so they can vent their pent up frustrations? They are tired of having casting their ballots on elections days as their only right.

Mr President, come Wednesday 20th July 2011, this and other sites will be festoon with eye-witness photos and stories from the marches despite your best efforts to have them derailed.

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